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Multi-Point I
Sheet Material
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Multi-Point I
Strip Material
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Multi-Point I Gasketing

Composite gasketing material for use in a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions, Multi-Point I, uses conductive wires oriented in sponge or solid silicone elastomer to provide EMI/RFI shielding combined with a full pressure seal.


Elastomer gasketing with conductive suspended wires
provides EM/RFI shielding with full pressure seal

Multi-Point I is a highly conductive composite shielding material consisting of solid or sponge silicone elastomer in which is embedded wires strategically constructed to provide more than 900 physical contact points per square inch with mating metallic surfaces. The silicone elastomer stabilizes each individual conductive wire even under the most severe compressive loading. The silicone also provides resilience that assures effective sealing even where there is large uneveness between the mating surfaces. It prevents moisture - even water - from penetrating through or around critical gasket/equipment interfaces.

Dependable Shielding In Exacting Environments
Multi-Point I gasketing will withstand a wide range of temperature extremes and the most severe environmental conditions. Among its many features are minimal compression set with corresponding wideband shielding effectiveness. It is recommended for any application requiring EMI/RFI shielding and protection of equipment from various physical environments.

Materials For All Applications
Multi-Point I gasketing is available in sheet, strip or ring form. Standard conductive media is Monel or aluminum wires. Pressure sensitive adhesive backings are available where required for ease of installation. Fluorosilicone compounds are also available for applications involving contact with chemical solutions or silicone oils.

Sheet Gasketing

In solid or sponge type silicone.
Standard widths from 3" to 9"
(76.20 to 228.60 mm).
Standard thicknesses from .032" to .250"
(.813 to 6.35 mm). 36" lengths standard.

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Strip Gasketing

In solid or sponge type silicone.
Standard widths from .093" to .750"
(2.36 to 19.05 mm).
Standard heights from .062" to .312"
(1.57 to 7.92 mm).
Strips can be bonded together with standard non-conductive silicone adhesives.

10 Major Product Categories Multi-Point - I through IXA
I Elastomer Gasketing with Suspended Wires | II Shielded Windows/Optical Windows
III Expanded Screen & Composite Screen Gasketing | IV Aluminum Combination Gasketing
V Thermally Conductive Materials | VI Particle Filled Conductive Silicone Gasketing
VII Knitted Wire Mesh Strip & Protective Cover Gasketing | VIII Composite Shielding Strip & Gasketing
IX Shielded Air Ventilation & Air filter Panels | IXA Conductive Caulking & Adhesives

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