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This particle filled silicone elastomer material provides excellent EMI/RFI shielding plus environmental protection at operating temperatures to 200°C. It is produced in a wide range of conductive particles and durometers to meet varying performance requirements, including salt spray corrosion resistance. Also available as vulcanized-in-place gasketing for limited space areas and as waveguide gasketing

High technology composite EMI/RFI shielding materials
that give design engineers a choice

Multi-Point VI is a premium grade conductive silicone gasketing material containing a uniform dispersement of microscopic conductive particles. It will withstand the most severe environments without degradation of electrical or physical performance over a frequency range of 10 kHz to 12.4 GHz.

Designed For Exacting Requirements
Multi-Point VI materials are produced in a uniquely wide choice of conductive particles and silicone elastomers ranging in hardness from 40 to 80 Shore A durometer. As a result, the design engineer has maximum freedom in selecting the material that provides the best combination of shielding effectiveness, environmental protection and economy for his specific application.

Conductive Particles For All Environments
A significant design characteristic engineers must evaluate when selecting a conductive compound is the environment in which it will operate. Multi-Point VI gasketing is available with a selection of conductive particles to meet varying performance requirements at operating temperatures to 200°C and beyond.

  Multi-Point VI-SP  provides the best performance at temperatures to 200°C. Shielding effectiveness in excess of 70 db is possible with this material.
  Multi-Point VI-SPN  (silver plated nickel particles) provides performance which compares favorably with pure silver compounds, also to 200°C, and is suitable for similar applications.
  Multi-Point VI-SPC  (silver plated copper particles) is a 135°C material which offers excellent performance. It is intended for retrofit applications where similar silver plated copper materials have been specified and qualified.
  Multi-Point VI-SPG (silver plated inert particles) is intended for applications where the cost of silver or silver plated metal fillers is prohibitive but silver performance is required. The material is rated for 180°C operation where greater than 60 db of shielding is required.
  Multi-Point VI-NP (nickel particles) is a 200°C, full frequency range material which will provide 45 db of shielding effectiveness. It is not affected by salt spray environments as the silver compounds are.
  Multi-Point VI-CP (carbon particles) is recommended for use below 5 GHz in non-military applications. Where it meets performance requirements, its low cost makes it attractive.

Environmental Sealing
Multi-Point VI elastomers provide complete environmental sealing. The wide range of elastomer durometers assures an effective seal even where there is large unevenness between the mating surfaces. Compression set is minimal. Fluorosilicone compounds are available for applications involving contact with chemical solutions, organic or inorganic oils or fluids.

Salt Corrosion Resistant Compounds
Where the shielding material must operate in a salt spray environment, design engineers can eliminate problems caused by the corrosive effect of salt spray on silvered particles by specifying Multi-Point VI-NP.

Fully Bonded Gasketing
In some applications, improved design integrity is achieved by fully bonding the gasketing directly to the parts by a vulcanizing process. Vulcanizing, in which CSI essentially forms gaskets in place by permanently heat bonding directly to one of the mating surfaces, further assures repetitive quality in limited space areas where conductive adhesives would normally be used.

Product Configurations For All Applications
Multi-Point VI gasketing is available in sheets, extruded strips and molded or rule die cut parts. A wide range of sizes, thicknesses and configurations can be provided to meet specific design needs. Materials are available with pressure sensitive adhesive backings for ease of installation.

Using the Selection Guide, the design engineer can specify the material that best meets his environmental and shielding effectiveness requirements.

Waveguide Gasketing
Multi-Point VI waveguide gaskets are available in a wide range of EIA sizes as well as in special configurations. They provide shielding effectiveness in excess of 75 db through a frequency of 12.4 GHz and are usable to 26.5 GHz and beyond.
Flat waveguide gaskets are reinforced internally with a metal screen that prevents cold flowing under high compression loads. Typical applications include cover flanges and flat contact flanges.
Molded waveguide gaskets are produced in precise shapes of a rectangular or circular configuration with "O" or "D" cross sections. Typical uses are as gasketing for choke flanges and grooved contact flanges.

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