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Multi-Point VII Strip Gasketing

Knitted wire mesh strip calendered to close tolerance cross sections is excellent for applications in sheet metal enclosures and cast housings where compression forces range from 5-20 psi. Standard wire materials are Monel, aluminum, and tin-coated copperclad steel.


Knitted wire mesh EMI/RFI gasketing in all metal
or metal mesh with elastomer sponge core

Multi-Point VII gasketing is a metal EMI/RFI gasketing material that provides resiliency, excellent conductivity and the ability to withstand difficult environments. It is available in two forms.

  as knitted wire mesh strips
  as knitted wire mesh strips with an elastomer sponge core

All Metal Gasketing
Multi-Point VII all metal mesh gasketing is constructed of knitted wire mesh strips which are calendered to close tolerance cross sections of rectangular, round, round with fin and double round with fin.
All metal construction provides excellent EMI/RFI protection because the metal-to-metal contact and the ability of the mesh to cut through surface films on mating surfaces, thus reducing surface resistivity to micro-ohm-centimeter levels. The continuity of the knitted mesh wire gives the gasket high internal conductivity, as well. The inherent resiliency of the knitted mesh makes it ideal for applications in sheet metal enclosures where compression forces are in a range of 5 to 20 psi and where pressure or weather sealing is not required.

Metal Mesh With Elastomer Core
Multi-Point VII mesh strip gasketing with elastomer core is constructed of two layers of knitted wire mesh enclosing a core of neoprene or silicone sponge.
Produced in rectangular, round, round with fin and double round with fin cross sections, the gasketing is excellent in applications where a more highly resilient cross section is required and closing forces are in the 50 to 100 psi range. The gasketing does not provide a pressure seal but it does offer limited environmental sealing.

Choice Of Standard Materials
Standard wire materials are Monel, aluminum and tin-coated copper clad steel. Monel is most commonly used because it combines good EMI/RFI protection with excellent corrosion resistance, tensile strength and resiliency. Tin-plated copper clad steel provides better EMI/RFI shielding at lower frequencies but is more susceptible to corrosion. Aluminum mesh is occasionally used when the mating surface is aluminum.

Easy Mounting
Both round and rectangular gasketing can be either held in place by sidewall friction in tight fitting slots or bonded in place using a non-conductive adhesive. Round gasketing with fin may be mounted by riveting, metallic strips, spot-welding or adhesive bonding.

Many Sizes
Round cross sections are available in diameters from .062" through 1". Round with fin is available in sizes from .062 diameter up to 1" O. A. Rectangular cross sections are available in sizes from .062" square through 1" square. All are available on spools of any continuous length.

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