MP-VIII Composite Shielding Strip and Gasketing

A versatile, high performance EMI/RFI/EMP shielding and pressure seal material that is ideal for sheet metal enclosures. Knitted rectangular-conductive-wire mesh strip is combined with a sponge or solid elastomer supporting strip in a wide range of configurations. Optional pressure sensitive adhesive backing improves mounting ease and speed.

* Pressure Sensitive Adhesive available.
  Dry Back available on Neoprene Sponge only.
  Suppplied in 50 ft. rolls.


  Elastomer: Neoprene Sponge (closed cell) MIL-R-6130, Type II, Grade A Condition Medium

Neoprene Solid MlL-R-6855, Class 2, Grade 40

Silicone Sponge (closed cell) AMS-3195

Solid Silicone ZZ-R-765, Class 2, Grade 40
  Wire Mesh: Monel .0045 diameter per QQ-N-281 SN/CU/FE .0045 diameter per ASTMB-520
  Optional: Aluminum Alloy 5056 .005 diameter per AMS-4182

Ag/Brass .0045 diameter per QQ-W-321 (3% silver by weight)

Standard Commercial thickness of elastomers available.
Supply complete drawings for custom made gaskets.
Compression stops available on finished parts.

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