Multi-Point V-TP Thermally Conductive Material

Multi-Point V-TP is a specially formulated, non-toxic, composite-silicone-based-material that provides high thermal conductivity with excellent electrical isolation characteristics. In pad form, it is extremely flexible and conforms readily to mating surfaces. It replaces a wide range of grease compounds loaded with conductive particles, such as beryllia, mica or alumina.

CSI Multi-Point V-TP thermally conductive gasketing materials use a specially formulated non-toxic composite consisting of a silicone binder, rubber, and reinforcing material filled with boron nitride to achieve high thermal conductivity with excellent electrical isolation characteristics. This product can be used in place of various grease compounds, currently on the market, that contain conductive particles such as: Beryllia, Alumina, and Mica.

These pads are extremely flexible and conform readily to mating surfaces with flatness of ± .003 in. When reinforced with a glass-fiber cloth, they are extremely rugged and can withstand considerable abuse during installation and final torque down.

Gasket pads are cut to various configurations and can be supplied with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) on one or two surfaces. The information in the Selection Guide below identifies 3 popular Multi-Point V-TP thermal pad products. However, many configurations and variations of these specifications are available.


Specifications Guide

  Part No. 5133-1912-XX* 5233-0112-XX* 5333-1912-XX*
  Part Size 12 X 12 inches 12 X 12 inches 12 X 12 inches
  Color Pink White Yellow
  Thickness, Inches 0.009 ±.001 0.015 ±.001 0.009 ±.001
  Thermal Resistance, °C-in²/W 0.35 0.20 0.30
  Thermal Conductivity, W/m-K nominal 1.2 3.5 1.2
  Breakdown Voltage, V 4500 4000 2500
  Continuous Use Temperature -60° to +180° -60° to +200° -20° to +150°
  Construction Silicone/Fiberglass Silicone/Fiberglass Polyester/Fiberglass
  * XX defines PSA feature: 00 = none, 01 = 1 side, 02 = 2 sides

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