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Multi-Point IXb Shielded Screen Filter
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Special air filter panels, with knitted metal screen mounted behind a retaining grill in a similar type edge frame, are available for filtration of dust particles at the air intake of electronic enclosures which require low velocity filtered cooling air.


CSI Multi-Point IXb Screen Filter Vent Panels are constructed using multiple layers of aluminum screen mounted within a C-channel edge frame. The panels are supplied ready to mount on the shielded enclosure via a composite EMI/RFI shielding gasket attached to the panel frame. The panel edge frame has a mounting hole pattern for either through bolts or captive insert receptacles. This type of filter panel is used for air filtration.

All panels made to customer specifications.


  Aluminum Filter: 3 layers of corrugated woven screen
  Aluminum Edge Frame: .050" C-shape 5/8" x 1/2"
  Gasket: Composite mesh and elastomer

Typical Edge Construction:

Attenuation Characteristics:

  14 Khz H-Field 30db
  1 Mhz H-Field 550db
  1 Mhz E-Field 85db
  1 Ghz E-Field 60db
  5 Ghz Plane wave 50db

Special Notes:

  1. Panels can be supplied with a chromate finish to MIL-C-5541.
  2. Optional finishes include painting, anodizing and tin plating.
  3. Honeycomb foil is perforated for maximum shielding effectiveness.

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