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Multi-Point VII
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Multi-Point VII Flexible EMI/RFI Protective Cover Strip

In a difficult EMI/RFI environmental situation, the CSI Protective Cover Strip is ideal for solving "on-the-spot" shielding requirements. This material consists of a flattened sleeve of knitted wire mesh manufactured from a tin plated, copper-clad, steel core, .0045 inch diameter wire. Monel wire is available upon request. The inherent resiliency of this knitted wire mesh strip makes it ideal as a cover wrap around electrical cable assemblies requiring immediate grounding, EMI shielding or static discharge protection.

Specifications: CSI P/N 7925-XXXX (1 inch wide strip only)

  Tin Plating
  Copper Cladding
  Steel Core
  3% by weight
  40% by weight
  57% by weight
  Configuration: Knitted-double Layer
  Dimensions: 1 inch minimum width x .02 inch - Double Layer Thickness
  Weight: 1 inch wide sleeve, 8.1 ounces/100 ft.
  Corrosion Resistance: Good to Excellent
  Elongation: > 90%
  Application/Shielding: > 70 db with 50% overlap
  Packaging: Minimum 100 ft. spools plus increments thereof as required by customer.

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